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The link below is the most visited site by people in the US with a map issue. now encourages the public to use a Location Data Management firm to expedite the process of having your Street Names entered into All Map Platforms.




Residential & Commercial

Builders and Developers and Homeowner's Associations

Add your Street Names with Google Street View (GSV), Community Features, Mail Kiosks, Entrances, Landmarks, Parks, Schools and Shopping Centers to Your Website with Google Street View (GSV) Google Map Key API's for your website that gives Pin Point Accuracy to Your Location and then Match it to Your Google Business Listings (GBL) and Use Your Google Business Platform to it's Greatest Potential.  This includes a Google Street View for each Fire Hydrant, 911 Entrance to the Pool, Mail Kiosk, Each Entrance, The Community Features such as a Community Center, the Pool, Tot Lots, Picnic Areas, etc.

Snap's goal is to encourage Residential and Commercial Builders and Developers to use GPS Embedded, 360º Google Street View (GSV) Photography to map their Streets as part of the project approval process.  And also encourage Builders to provide a Google Street View (GSV) GPS Embedded, 360º  Photo before a Certificate of Occupancy Permit is issued.  The new Zillow Builder platform is requiring the Longitude and Latitude for each Model Home and Each Listing in a New Home  community.  The Public can not expect County GIS Mapping / E911 to do everything.  GIS offers so much to the public, on government budgets, not builder budgets. 


So the Public can Find Your Location, Quickly and Easily.

United States Postal Service can use your Google Map Key API of the Mail Kiosk on their App

A Person using the New Home Community Center for an Event can Use Your GSV Short URL for their Social Media Post, Invite, Text Message or Email

A Delivery Person can Find the New Address

A Builder Can Have Streets and Addresses on the Map before the Sales Staff is open to the Public

The HOA will have an easier job at managing their New Community when the Homeowner's are given a Community with Street Names by the Developer or Builder




Google Plus Code Developer 


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