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it's not just for Mcdonald's

I need a Logo, SnapChat Filter, Instagram Filter, Quick Social Media Template 

Use to make quick and easy social media posts and logo's.  Or menus.  It's an amazingly easy website and cheap.  I pay $79 a month for it.  

Create a YouTube Channel and Use It.  Even for simple stuff.  Who cares if your hair isn't perfect or you weigh more than you did twenty years ago.  Just Snap It Up!  I suggest doing the fun tutorial that YouTube offers and guess what you get, BADGES, just like the stickers in Elementary School Spelling Bees.  Luv them! 🧡 is kinda like but it creates short, 15 second videos.  And you match it to the music and Snap It Up!  Post It On your Google Business Listing (GBL)

OK, Bunch of Question. is the website.  Just like my website ends in Tech, their website ends in LY.  Kinda like when your hometown gets a new area code or pre-fix for the telephone numbers because our population is growing.  All the .com and .net are taken.   

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with social media

HootSuite makes sense.   You join, set up all your social media platforms in one place, post once and your done.  

It's important to ask people before you post their picture.  Especially if it is a child.  You might even create a photo release wavier. 



Did you know that you can easily create a Snap Chap Filter so that anybody that posts on Snap Chat while located in your business will automatically have the your business filter named at the bottom.  Create it in and you buy the space annually on Snap Chat.  

Create a HashTag and Post it so you will show up often.  Like my Hashtag should be #SNAPITUP  #PATSYCLARKSNAPS #OHSNAPPATSY #PATSYDIYGOOGLE





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Google Review

How do I get Good Google Reviews?

Just ask for them!  When you are given a compliment in your store, or a regular walks in and says hello.  " Say, would you please use your phone and access Google maps and leave a comment for my business?  I would really appreciate it. "

Your staff can also be a cheerleader.  Just ask the customers for a Google Review.  It's that simple.  Sometimes, people just don't know how to do it.  Show them.  Enlighten them. 


One day I was on site in a small gluten free bake shop that had been in business for 9 years.  No Google Business Listing, therefore, no Google Reviews. No website.  We spent two hours on and created a website after we set up her wifi on her tablet.  She thought it cost extra!  LOL  Two weeks later, I stopped by to enjoy another bake good, and see if she successfully verified her Google Business Listing (GBL) with the Google postcard and to say hello and the owner was so proud to tell me that she already confirmed her listing and had 11 Good Google Reviews and the online orders were pouring in on her tablet.  It's that simple!  🌸

Should I do a Virtual Tour of my Business?

  I say no.  Anything longer than 15 seconds can't be uploaded to your Google Business Platform therefore, unless you are a model home, wedding venue or a chocolate factory, who is going to watch it?  We do plenty of 15 second videos, but rarely use our Matterport for a virtual tour.  I even turned down an Art Gallery.  If it isn't going to help your business, I don't bother.  But here is a list of all the Matterport Service providers that will do it for you.   

More Google Review

How do I remove bad Google Reviews? 

When it comes to fixing Bad Google Review, I did a YouTube video on that exact subject.  So don't hire me to fix your bad reviews.  I can not do it.  Fix the problem at your business or if the reviews were done by a fictitious person, then watch my video and report it to Google.  To Google, I am a speck of dust on the AirStream at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA.  They don't care if I ask for it to be removed.  Just do the inquiry after you have claimed your Google Business Listing and don't use emotions, use facts.  Think like an attorney. Solve the puzzle.  Provide documentation if you have any.  If you do it too many times, they may not believe you.  So think before you act. I did help a Tattoo Artist that had competition show up in the community and within two weeks of the new Tattoo Artist shop opening, the former Tattoo Artist had five bad Google reviews but only 3 for 11 years of business.  So that was pretty apparent.  He obtained letter from all his clients for the two weeks in question, showed his appointment calendar and Google did remove his bad reviews.  But that was pretty blatant.  

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