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Snap has a Google Trusted Verifier App

that will instantly approve your Google Business Listing


Add Your Google Business Listing, or 

Claim Your current Google Business Listing by Correcting Your Information and Verifying Your Listing with a Google Street View (GSV) GPS embedded photo


Optimize Your Google Business Listing for Android, IOS and the Web


Optimize Your Google Business Platform with14 second Videos, Photos, Complete Description of the Goods and Services your provide


Personalized Training On Site to Manage Your Google Business Platform

This is how the Public Perceives Your Business

It is very important to Manage Your Google Platform


Google Street View Matched to Your Google Business Listing, by a Google Trusted Photographer with GPS Embedded, 360º Copyrighted Photography

There is a fee for this service


From Google Maps, at anytime, by you or the Public, a Short URL and Google Map Key API of Your Google Street View can be accessed.  The Short URL is helpful to use in Text Messages, Social Media Post, Invites, Your Email and Your Email Signature.  A Google Map Key API is for Your Website, Your Business Application (APP) or another Application (APP) where Your Business is Featured, the Google Street View (GSV) gives your Exact Location


Follow up with Your Office on a Monthly basis to ensure that Your Office has all the Skills and Diligence to Maintain the Google Business Platform


Receive Emails with Changes, Updates and New Emerging Technology in a Simple Format

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